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Yu Yan Beauty Wellness Center was established in 2015 to provide you with not just the very highest quality skin care products, but also unique treatments—Lymph node paths activate to improve your body’s detoxing and stimulate meridian points along meridian lines.  This will improve your skin’s circulation and sculpting when combined with powerful facial masks. We have researched treatments from all over the world —- One of our highest quality products is from the Le Mieux Cosmetics Company, including Marine Collagen Peptide Serum,  Marine Amino Vitamin C Serum, Stem Cells, Rx complex serum for anti-oxidants, which helps treat uneven skin tone.  Over 30 types of products. And we have over 15 other types of products from different cosmetics companies that are made in U. S. A.

Microdermabrasion Facial
$99/90 mins.

This procedure starts with a gentle exfoliating to clean oily skin and  any impurities skin. A papaya enzyme facial mask may applied to help dissolve clogging pores, and is combined with hot steam with warm towel to help soften pores, for easier to deep clean and extraction. Flowing by an antioxidant refreshing cream will be used with a massage on your face, neck and decollete area.

Then you will receive a deep exfoliation with a diamond tip Microdermabrasion machine  (for brow spots, fine lines, blemishes, black heads and acne scars ) also (you can add on certain advanced serums on to your facial treatment, for lasting longer beautiful results if you want to).  Then you will receive a customized mask for maximum benefits , to finish with  toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen.

A smoother, clearer,  wrinkle diminished face you can expected even after the first treatment. For lasting results, three to four treatments are recommended.

Meridian Re-Sculpting Facial
$129 /90 mins.

This procedure begins with a deep clean pores, hot steam with hot towel, exfoliation, followed by warm steam with an antioxidant cream massage on your face, neck and decollete area, and then extraction. Then you will receive using my secret formulation and highly effective essential oil for aging skin, loose elastic skin, wrinkles, blemishes and other  problem skins (depend on what kind skin you belong to and what kind formulation your skin needed). Then you will receive a combined meridian points, lymph detox treatment on your head, face, neck and decollete using natural jade tool, this is especially beneficial to those with TMJ issues, teeth grinding, headaches, sinus issues and overall tension. Your skin will glow as the appearance of wrinkles softens and muscle tone will improve as stress and tension in your face released immediately. Then, you will receive a 3D ice therapy treatment to infuse serums (depends what types of  skin you have, or what type serums your skin needs), and then you will receive a customized mask (depend what kind mask your skin needs).

Enjoy your beautiful, smooth, firm, uplifted face immediately even after your first treatment.

For lasting results, three to four  applications are recommended.

Ice Re-sculpting Facial
$159/90 mins

This is a unique non-invasive revolutionary Facial treatment in the history of the beauty industry.  This procedure starts from exfoliation followed by hot steam , warm towel , exfoliation , extraction, and then you will receive a Derma Red with Led, Sonic (anti-aging) or Derma Blue with blue lights Led, Sonic  (anti-acne for acne pro skin) with serums infusion treatment  (depends what type of skin you have, or what type serums your skin needs), and then you will receive an amazing entire face, neck, , and scalp meridian points GUA SHA treatment to activate lymph drainage. This increases your skin’s circulation, sculpts and lifts facial contours, smooths out fascia and muscles, cleans lymphatic pathways, and decreases inflammation.  When you directly stimulate the facial bones, you prevent bone loss, keep the bones aligned and lifted. This is especially beneficial to those with TMJ issues, teeth grinding. headaches. Sinus issues and overall tension. The treatment finishes with a very special powerful  formulation of natural ingredients named— ice lotion.  This treatment is available for normal skin (aging skin; wrinkled skin); sensitive skin and acne or problem skin.  This incredible  treatment is not only for those who desire to reduce a double chin or the appearance of fat in the face, but also for minimize  wrinkles skin and for uplifting sagging skin .  You will enjoy your beautifully contoured face or wrinkle-minimized skin immediately after your first treatment.  For lasting results, four to five  times applications are recommended.

Hydration Facial
$119/90 mins

This is a unique facial that process a deep clean pores, hydrates, rejuvenations and contouring face for any age of candidates who have dehydrated, dry, flaky skin, or sagging aging. Immediately after your first treatment. For lasting results, Five applications are recommended.

Keratin Eyelash Lifts

Enhance your lashes through All-Natural nutrition.  These Eyelash Lifts boost Keratin, which is a protein composed of amino acids, and strengthen and fill in gaps in your follicles, growth your lashes while you get your lashes lifted. Keratin Eyelash Lifts are very safe when provided by trained and experienced technicians. And it is absolutely worth it. It requires extremely low maintenance and usually lasts 6 to 8 weeks. Lash lifts are generally much less expensive than eyelash extensions, and the service only takes about 45 minutes or so.

Keratin Eyelash Lift   $100

Keratin Eyelash Lift with Tint (darker, brighter lashes) ​   $130

Keratin Eyelash Lift with Eye Care (TGF Firming Mask, for eye bags, dark circles, wrinkles) $130

Packages are available!

Five Keratin Lashes Lift  $399

Five Keratin Lashes Lift with tint  $525

We’re highly recommended that you must try this advanced technology out, you’ll never regret it to do so!  Also you can definitely expecting your lashes will bring out the highlights of your eyes!

Customized Facials
$120 up

These treatments are designed to maintain or improve your skin by determining and then addressing its unique needs, delivering the building blocks necessary for healthy and younger looking skin! For example, teenager’s acne prone skin; dehydrate flaky skin;  hyperpigmentation skin, by using special ingredients such as Kojic acid to reduce melanin production and lightening skin etc.

For those who have been struggling discoloration or hyperpigmented skin, Please call or text me  as soon as possible, I do offer a special price for your first treatment!

Thank You!

Breast Lifting Treatment
$ 60/ 50 mins.

This is a manual lymph node drainage and a special massage technique combined with an effective essential oil formula and hot mask.

Hormone Re-Balancing
$ 60/ 50 mins.

This is a special essential oil formula combined with a special massage technique for women, to achieve an ideal health body through monthly maintenance.

Permanent Eyebrow & Eyelashes Tinting

 Lashes Lift with Eyebrows Lamination  $170

Keratin Eyelashes lifting $100

Eyebrows lamination  $70

Eyelashes lifting with Tinting $125

Customized <strong( Facials )

These treatments are designed to maintain or improve your skin by deternining and the addressing its unique needs, delivering the blocks necessary for healthy and younger looking skin.

Add on Services

Advanced Serums infusion.

Oxygen Serums Infusion $25/treatment

TGF–Beta Booster     $25/treatment

Award winning “BEST ANTI-AGING SERUM” for smooth lines & wrinkles in no time. Visibly reduces fine lines & wrinkle depth. Powerful peptides & growth factors help restore firmness. Helps promote Collagen & elastin synthesis. Boosts results of skincare products.

EGF–DNA for Repair & Heal. $25/treatment

Ideal for use after micro-peel, laser, micro-needing, IPL, and derma planing procedures. Excellent for lines & wrinkles, irritated, and sun-damaged skin. Promotes healthy-looking texture and glow.

Marine Amino Vita- C  $25/treatment

Radiant & Renewal, clarifies and revives. Superior form of Vitamin C promotes radiant, smooth skin, Balances uneven tone. Helps protect skin from environmental pollution.

Advanced Eye Care Service $48/treatment

 Eye care machine(Infrared, vibration with eye care serums penetrating into the eye area skin and following TGF-Booster mask then finished with eye wrinkle corrector serum), best for dark cycles, wrinkles, and eye-bag etc. Visibly results right after a first treatment.